Pediatric Optometrists

What Is Pediatric Optometrists?

80 percent of what your child learns is through vision, from sitting up and playing with toys to making different facial expressions and figuring out how to form words. So it goes without saying that your child’s eyesight is incredibly important. Therefore, just as they visit a pediatrician regularly for checkups and preventive care they should also visit with a pediatric optometrist regularly to ensure that they maintain healthy eyes and good vision.

A pediatric optometrist has received specialized training to be able to provide care to children of all ages. How a child’s eyes develop is so important for their future, especially as they start school. Vision problems can often lead to difficulties in school. Early detection of these issues can prevent your child from falling behind.

Your child’s pediatrician should be checking your child’s vision when they come into the office; however, if they notice any changes or abnormalities then they may refer you to our pediatric optometrist Dr. Birva Shah for further evaluation. We can perform a comprehensive and non-invasive visual examination on your child. Here at Eye Specialist Group our goal is to make your child feel as comfortable and at ease in our office. We know that visiting the doctor is never an exciting experience for a child but our pediatric optometry team will know exactly how to make your child feel right at home.

The American Optometric Association recommends that children get a full vision examination at 6 months, 3 years and 5 years old; however, if your child is having issues with their vision it is important that they get immediate care. Here at Eye Specialist Group, we want to make sure that patients are always able to get the care they need. We can work with you and your child’s schedule to get them the next available appointment.

We will always discuss any and all tests that we will run prior to running them. If this is your first time bringing your child into our office, don’t worry; we will walk you through every step of the process. While your child may get their vision checked by a pediatrician this shouldn’t take the place of a comprehensive eye evaluation performed by a pediatric optometrist. After all, quick vision screenings don’t always detect problems; therefore, it’s highly advised that your child receive a complete eye evaluation right before your child goes into kindergarten.

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